Our Story

Company History

Crystalite was first established by Scott Walker in the early 80s, originally as a linemarking contractor. Experiencing rapid growth, Crystalite became one of the largest private contractors in the country and held a number of large pavement marking contracts in areas such as Western Sydney and the Hunter.

In the early 1990s, Scott, a team of contractors, and Mr Greg Petty teamed up to form what is now the Road Marking Industry Association of Australia (RIAA). The association has been the keystone of developing communication and co-operation between our industry and various government bodies.

Having come from an engineering background, Scott has a distinct flare for innovation and quality with a ‘hands on’ approach. Crystalite is the only manufacturer with application experience, and we have built and modified a number of machines from push paint machines to longitudinal thermoplastic applicators. This ensures we have an expansive knowledge of how to cater to every customer’s needs.

The late 90’s saw Crystalite swing from contracting to manufacturing. Preform was the first range of products, being formulated to the ACT High Performance Specification of 55BPN and 300MCD Reflectivity. This formula remains regarded as the industry benchmark.

Since then, Ryan and Joel have come into the company’s management and operations have further expanded to include waterborne paint, hot applied thermoplastic, glass beads and RPM’s, with distribution and manufacturing centres in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
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